Africa's Best Organics Stimulating Therapy Shampoo 355ML

Stimulates & rejuvenates thinning hair. Revitalizes dry, itchy scalp



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Enriched with beta carotene, proteins, collagen, panthenol, vitamins & herbal extracts. Professional products designed for home & salon. Stimulating Therapy Shampoo by Africa's Best is enriched with natural beta carotene, proteins, vitamins, herbal extracts and organic nutrients. Specifically formulated to gently cleanse while unclogging pores, Stimulating Therapy Shampoo helps promote healthy hair and scalp. Weak damaged hair and dry itchy scalp benefit from regular use of Stimulating Therapy Shampoo. Excellent for thinning hair, bald scalps and all hair types, including natural, relaxed, pressed, curls, texturized or color-treated hair

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