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  • Africa S Best Textures Coconut & Sweet Almond Growth Oil...

    • Best Textures Coconut & Sweet Almond.
    • Infused with Vitamin E, B and D.
    • Strengthening hair and helping to maintain a healthy scalp.
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  • Africa's Best Kids Organics Oil Moisturizing Growth...

    • Helps reduce breakage and replenish nutrients for healthy sheen and growth..
    • Nourishes And Restores Hair..
    • Replenishes Nutrients..
    • Imported from USA.

    Africas Best Kids Originals Olive And Soy Oil Moisturizing Hair
    Growth Lotion . Nourishes and restores hair. Leaves hair smooth,
    silky and soft. Reduces breakage and replenishes nutrients.
    Ultimate moisturizer leaves hair smooth,Silky and soft, Use daily
    to help reduce breakage and replenish nutrients for healthy sheen
    and growth, Helps reduce breakage and replenish nutrients for
    healthy sheen and growth. Nurtures healthy growth and sheen.

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  • Africa's Best Kids Organics Natural Conditioning Growth...

    This remarkable blend of strengthening proteins and natural ingredients, like Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Horsetail, makes our Protein Plus Growth Oil Remedy a gentle, yet effective aid for promoting stronger, healthier hair growth. The lightweight oil won't cause heavy buildup on hair or scalp as it improves overall pliability and energizes follicles.

    For Daily Use: On wet or dry hair, pour into hands, rub palms together and apply liberally throughout the hair from roots to ends. Gently comb and style as usual. For Use as Hot Oil Treatment: Shampoo, condition, and towel dry hair. Apply liberally throughout hair. Gently come through with a wide tooth comb. 

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  • Africa's Best Castor Oil Hair & Scalp Conditioner - Made...


    Africa's Best Castor Oil Hair & Scalp Conditioner is enriched with African Herbs and Vitamins. It is a deep penetrating formula that helps to eliminate dryness and hair breakage. An excellent conditioner, moisturizer and enhancer.

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  • Africa's Best Herbal Intensive Dual Conditioning No Lye...

    • Gives your hair the best conditioning
    • Anti-breakage protection
    • With extra virgin olive oil
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  • Africa's Best Honey & Castor Tex-Lax Texture Softening...


    Our Honey & Castor Tex-Lax Texture Softening System is a chemical treatment designed to loosen your curl pattern for better, improved manageability. It softens hair texture without completely straightening it. The process protects hair from damage and breakage, while infusing hair with the nutrient-rich benefits your hair and scalp need to sustain healthy moisture balance and growth.

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  • Africa's Best Kid's Originals Smoothing and Styling Gel...


    Kids Original Africa's Best Softer Hold Olive Oil Smoothing & Styling Gel is without alcohol that removes out any stiff and crunchy feel. It is enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to give strength while providing excellent hold and a healthier-looking shine. It also contains natural Conditioning to put in moisture and protein to your hair, while creating gorgeous, sturdy styles. Ideal for holding ponytails and curls and to help make wet curls, candy curls, finger waves or any sleek style.

    Key Features:

    • Rich in Olive Oil

    • Excellent Hold

    • Adds Shine to your curls, ponytails

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    Kids Organics Olive Oil 2-N-1 Organic Conditioning Detangler gives your children's hair anti-breakage protection. This gentle dual anti-breakage, leave-in conditioner and detangler helps the comb glide through knots and tangles with ease. Formulated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other essential Organic Conditioning ingredients, their hair is left soft, shiny and tangle-free.

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