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  • GAMMA + ERGO Modular Clipper with Turbo Charger Magnetic...


    THE MOST ERGONOMIC, FASTEST, AND QUIETEST CLIPPER The holy grail of clipper motors, the magnetic motor, is finally available in a cordless clipper. Always considered the most heavy-duty and professional motor, the ERGO features the latest in magnetic motor technology with the improved and revolutionary linear magnetic motor. This turbocharged long-life magnetic motor runs at 10,000 strokes per a minute, not only offering the ultimate in speed, power, and longevity but the quietest performance of any professional clipper.The first-ever fully modular Ergo clipper includes Gold, Rose Gold, and Chrome body kits to create different custom modifications. 

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  • GAMMA + Absolute Alpha Clipper


    Gamma+ Absolute Alpha Clipper 2.0 Updated Edition is a professional modular clipper with rotary motor and 45mm Taper Black Diamond Carbon DLC blade for perfectly smooth cutting.


    • Cutting blade SHALLOW STEEL INOX Black Diamond Carbon
    • 3 customizable levers: 2 Click System levers and 1 Floating System lever
    • 150 minutes for a complete recharge by using its docking station or Mini USB cable
    • 2 brackets: a 2-hole Stretch bracket and a 4-hole Deep bracket to use your master blade on other brand clippers
    • Interchangeable Gold Titanium “deep teeth” blade
    • Set of 5 different magnetic combs: 1,5 to 13mm
    • Includes Gold, Rose Gold, and Chrome body kits to create different custom modifications
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  • GAMMA + Forged Absolute Zero


    Absolute closeness with USB convenience. Gamma Piu's Absolute Zero takes shavers to the next level thanks to a super-rapid recharge time with the convenience of a USB charging cable.

    At the business end, there is a staggered head featuring 2 stainless steel blades covered by ultra-thin and hypoallergenic gold titanium foils. The result is a super-close, uniform shave with no skin irritation. On the back of the shaver there's a retractable trimmer that's perfect for trimming sharp edges. Meanwhile, the front of the Absolute Zero is dominated by the large, easy-flick on/off switch.

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  • GAMMA + Protege Skeleton Trimmer


    Gamma Protege Trimmer:

    • The knife block is easily adjustable and set to full "zero"
    • The upper part of the body is removable for a skeleton design, which allows you to have a better view when cutting.
    • 4 hours of continuous battery life and universal micro USB charging
    • The lithium-ion battery provides 240 minutes of operation with a 2-hour quick charge
    • The set includes a charging cord, 3 protective nozzles and a cleaning kit
    • Supercharged rotary motor cuts any type of hair with one push
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