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  • West Indian Bay Rum Mentholated 250ml


    One of the best kept secrets in the world of hair and beauty care, West Indian Bay Rum is based on traditional Bay Rum recipes that have been used for decades in the West Indies as a refreshing skin toner and hair and scalp tonic. For more than a century the formula for this invigorating toner has been passed down within West Indian families but now its use has been gaining popularity worldwide and Bay Rum remedies are available to buy for use at home. 

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  • West Indian Bay Rum 250ml


    Traditionally uses aromatic oil distilled from Bay leaves soaked in rum or pure bay oil,

     mixed with rum.

    Used as a skin & hair tonic. 

    It is also used as a refreshing all-purpose lotion used as a

    splash-on for a cool stimulating feeling after a shower or bath.

     It also gives relief from headaches and feverish conditions.

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