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  • Bigen Men's Beard Colour


    Bigen Beard Colour is a permanent dye that perfectly covers grey hairs. It is a non-drip high viscosity cream that covers your beard and won’t drip. Easy to apply to any part of your beard, even shorter beard styles

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  • Bigen Men's Speedy Color

    • Easy and speedy application
    • Grey away in 5 minutes
    • Long-lasting colour, enriching with Taurine
    • No ammonia
    • Solution for men's grey to carry out a stylish look
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  • Bigen Speedy Conditioning Colour


    Starting late 2017, Bigen Speedy Refill will reveal a new packaging and design with an improved ammonia free formula. Bigen Speedy Conditioning Hair Color offers permanent hair color and covers gray in 10 minutes. It has a light floral fragrance and innovatively developed to envelope and minimize the harsh chemicals and odors of ordinary hair colors. Bigen Speedy Conditioning Hair Color is rich in conditioning agents and contains 6 natural herbal extracts to gently color hair. Bigen Speedy allows you to apply multiple applications with just one kit. You can use and mix as much cream as you need, and then keep the rest for the future applications. This feature allows you to make routine touch-ups to the root of the hair where necessary and users with shorter, coarse hair.

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  • Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Colour


    Contains No Ammonia

    Just Mix with Plain water

    Long lasting hair colour and easy to use 

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