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Skin Cleanser

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  • A3 Lemon Face Skin Cleanser 260ml/8.79oz


    Skin cleansing treatment to help clear the skin and combats blemish-causing impurities.

    Its dermo-purifying formula removes excess of sebum leaving the skin so fresh, soft and gently scented.

    Leave-on product.

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  • Clear Essence Antiseptic Skin Cleanser-237ml/8oz


    This Cleanser Creates And Maintains A Fresh, Clean, Glowing Complexion By Removing Dirt, Oil And Bacteria That Soap And Water Leave Behind. It Helps Kill Germs That Cause Acne And Blemish Spots. For Sensitive Skin. 8 Oz

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  • Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Cleanser & Make-Up Remover...


    A unique blend of Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Aloe and Evening Primrose gently remove impurities, oil and makeup whilst helping skin maintain it's own moisture balance.

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  • Palmer's Skin Success Anti-Acne Deep Cleansing...


    Palmer's Skin Succes Deep Cleansing Facial Astringent unclogs pores and removes dirt, excess oil and make-up while refreshing, toning and revitalizing skin.

    Deep clens pores of impurities

    Removes dirt, excess oil and makeup

    Leaves skin feeling refreshed and clean.

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  • KTC Rose Water 190ml

    • Pure and Natural Rose Water (190ml Glass bottle)
    • 1. Maintains pH Balance Of Your Skin 2. Curbs Acne 3. Tones Your Skin 4. Hydrates Your Skin 5. Reduces Puffiness 6. Suits Sensitive Skin 7. Slows Ageing 8. Soothes Skin Conditions 9. Refreshes Your Skin 10. Soothes Sunburns
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  • Haz Premium Rose Water With Rose Oil 500ml/1.79oz


    Rose Water, made from 100% natural rose petal extract with Rose oil, with all the freshness and nourishment of this flower, in 1 simple bottle. 

    Naturally hydrate and refresh your skin with rose water as a direct replacement for water in your beauty care regiments.

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  • Alamgeer Arq-e-Gulab Rose Water Spray 120ml


    Beautiful scented moisturizer perfect after a bath to leave a light rose scent on your skin

    Contains rose oil and high quality Rose Water from natural Rose petals

    For neat cleaning of face simply wash with Alamgeer Rose Water

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  • Rafia Arq - e - Gulab Rose Water 240ml

    • Rose water is commonly used for aromatherapy, as a tonic, in the kitchen and to soak mishwak in order to freshen breath. Can also be sprinkled onto the body or added to bathwater. 
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