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  • Soft'n White Swiss Papaya Lightening Serum 30ml/1oz


    Active botanic serum that is specially formulated for strong pigmentation spots. Effectively diminishes all pigmentation and lightens complexion.

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  • A3 Lemon Lightening Serum


    The lemon Lightening Serum is an intensive treatment to lighten any dark spots and an uneven skin tone. It can be used to help lighten tough spots (knees and knuckles), remove dark spots. It also has Anti-aging properties, Premium natural ingredients and evens skin tone out.

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  • Inecto Smooth Me Coconut Hair Serum 50ml/1.6oz

    • Protect hair against heat styling tools
    • Adding shine, smoothest and softens
    • Lightweight serum
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  • Vitale Olive Oil Frizz Free Serum 6.oz-177ml

    • Makes hair free of dryness and frizz instantly
    • Non greasy, non-sticky formula
    • Quantity: 6 fluid Ounce
    • Helps achieve finished shiny style
    • For all hair types
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  • Doctor Clear Lightening Care Serum


    When used everyday, our Lightening Care Serum, helps to visibly brighten up your complexion. It's natural vitamins, phyto ingredients and the PROWITE complex makes your skin bright and healthy.

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  • Fifty's Ageless Micro-Gel Serum Anti Spots...


    This is an intensive brightening micro-gel formula that gives your skin beautiful glow.

    It protects against dryness by replacing lost Moisture

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  • Topiclear Serum 50ml/1.66oz

    • New potent natural extract to even your complexion and smooth the coloring of your skin
    • Each bottle contains 1.66 fl. oz, (50 ml)
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  • Extreme Glow Strong Lightening Serum 50ml/1.66oz


    The Extreme Glow Serum is formulated with Argon oil, the best moisturizing and repairing component in the world. Also featured our patented ingredient: Vegeclairine, specially effective lightening and whitening active ingredient against all the hyper pigmentation problems of the skin such as: scars, pregnancy, acne marks, age spots, and sun patches. For a clear, clean and even toned skin.

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  • Express Glow Triple Fast Lightening Serum 50ml/1.66oz


    Express Glow Lightening Serum is formulated with Grapeseed Oil, an antioxidant rich ingredient known for its ability to moisturize and even tone the skin, and Asafetida Extract, a natural plant extract native to India clinically proven to fight against all types of skin pigmentation, such as: acne, age spots, scars, stretch marks and sun patches. This is a Skin Whitening Serum.

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  • Boi Claire Lightening Body Oil 60ml/2oz


    Bio Claire Lightening Body Oil without Hydroquinone. Its natural Bio-Vegetal Activator makes your complexion clear and even with no mess - makes your skin bright and healthy.

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  • Mekako Serum Action Naturelle 50ml


    Mekako Serum is a skin lightening serum and spot treatment which gradually fades dark spots, uneven skin complexion and hyper-pigmentation that are generally caused by e.g. sun, pregnancy and age. A natural action.

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  • Miracle Maxitone Advanced Lightening Serum 30ml/1oz


    Miracle Maxitone Advanced Lightening Serum is concentrated serum with all new active agents which help to obtain a gradual lightening of the complexion and a deep renewal of the skin.

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  • F&W Paris Original Glutathion Extra Serum Anti-Dark Spot...


    Target and reduce dark spots! This unique serum contains Glutathione, a detoxifying agent, combined with the stimulating benefits of Vitamin C. Its luscious texture is ideal for applying its anti-dark spot benefits. For radiant, soft and even-looking skin with a revitalized look.

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  • Makari Pimple Drying Treatment 29ml/1oz


    This drying lotion is a fast acting effective acne spot treatment. Formulated with salicylic acid, calamine and other quick-drying ingredients. This product will shrink ugly white heads virtually overnight while you sleep. While other acne spot treatments can irritate and dry delicate or sensitive skin,

    this product is safe and effective for all skin types

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  • Tgin 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Hair & Body Serum...


    From hair masks, pre-poos and leave-ins to fresh out of the shower lathering - our 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Hydrating Hair & Body Serum will give your hair and skin the moisture it craves. Thirsty hair is quenched and dry skin is nourished with this all natural oil that provides deep penetration and long lasting nourishment.

    • Deeply penetrates hair and skin 
    • Promotes hair growth 
    • Strengthens hair shaft 
    • Prevents hair breakage 
    • Reduces frizz 
    • Hydrates curls and skin
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  • Diamond Glow Elegant Whitening Serum 1.66oz


    Diamond Glow Whitening Serum is formulated with Amla and Dandelion extract. Amla is a powerful antioxidant with Vitamin C & A, known very well to boost collagen production, it acts to keep the skin young and youthful by delaying the ageing effects like fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots etc. Dandelion extract is a source of potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, silicon, phosphorus and sodium. its leaves are a richer source of Vitamin A than carrots and also contains Vitamins B, C & D. Our lightening active ingredients effectively works against all hyperpigmentation problems of the skin such as Scars, pregnancy and acne marks, age spots and sun patches.

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  • Cantu Men's Collection Shea Butter Post-Shave Soothing...

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    Cantu Men?s collection is specifically formulated for the needs of men with wavy, curly, and coarse hair. The Post-Shave Soothing Serum ?Step 3? moisturizes and calms skin. Created with cooling menthol, our post-shave soothing serum helps calm the skin post-shave, while moisturizing the skin to help promote healthy growth (hair and skin.)

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  • Chear G & G Papaya Lightening Body Oil 60ml/2oz


    Chear G&C + papaya lightening body oil is rich in extracts of papaya, which lightens the skin. It contains Vitamin E which when applied daily all over the body makes your skin silky soft. It moisturizes, nourishes & gives glow to your skin.

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  • American Dream Miracle Serum Concentrated 4 in 1 Formula...


    American Dream Miracle Serum 2oz/59ml

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