Organics By Africa's Best Olive Oil Conditioning Relaxer System 1 Application - Super

Formulated with the age old properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, our Olive Oil Coniditoning Relaxer System helps repair, rebuild, and restore you hair, while giving it added strength, shine, and softness. Go beyond relaxing by reaching a higher level of conditioning and moisturization to experience the ultimate in healthier, softer, silkier, straighter hair. Designed for normal hair textures.



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Experience a higher level of conditioning & moisturizing. Enriched with Shea Butter, Silk Protein, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Mink Oil, Carrot Oil, Cholesterol, Egg Protein, Honey Herbs. Introducing Organics by Africa's Best the first Organic No-Lye Relaxer System. Organic conditioning goes beyond relaxing with all-natural conditioners and moisturizers that help strengthen hair while gently soothing skin and scalp during the entire relaxing process. Each step of Organics by Africa's Best contains the optimal level of organic conditioning to help repair, rebuild and restore hair softness, shine and elasticity. Experience the relaxing results of Organic Conditioning - silky soft, healthy straight hair. This kit contains all you need to beautifully relax hair. Organic Conditioning No-Lye Relaxer and Activator - A creamy, smooth and rich conditioning no-lye relaxer formula that is ultra gentle with extremely effective straightening. Color indicators let you know when the formula is completely mixed for ultimate relaxing. Organic Conditioning Neutralizing Shampoo - An ultra gentle, super rich shampoo formula that effectively removes residue and mineral build-up. Color indicators let you know when all the relaxer Creme is completely removed. Dramatically improving hair softness, straightness and health. Hair Mayonnaise - A deep penetrating organic conditioning treatment that strengthens weak, damaged hair and keeps relaxed hair stronger and beautifully straight. Shea Butter and Tea-Tree Oil Moisturizer - A daily organic conditioning and moisturizing therapy that strengthens relaxed hair that reduces damage between relaxer applications for beautiful body, bounce and movement.

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