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  • KeraCare Defining Custard 227g/8oz


    The KeraCare Natural Textures Defining Custard is the perfect companion to help care for your curls and coils to minimise frizz and maximise shine.

    Separate your curls with this KeraCare Natural Textures Defining Custard. Formulated with ultra caring ingredients this rich cream defines curls and leaves your style with a long lasting shine.

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  • Fantasia Coconut & Argan Oil Curl Custard 340g/12oz


    Enriched with pure Coconut and Argan Oils which nourish and retains curl moisture. This lightweight formula adds slip and ease in styling. Smoothes and reduces frizz.

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  • MAZURI SHEA Butter Naturals made with natural ingredients...

    Mazuri - Shea Butter Curl Awakening Custard Styling Pudding - 12oz Revive your natural curls, minimizes shrinkage and let it loose. Mazuri Shea Butter Curl Awakening Custard Styling Pudding gives curly hair, an amazing well-defined curl shape that lasts for hours....

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  • Jane Carter Frizz Free Styling Smoother 177ml/6oz


    Frizz Free Styling Smoother is the perfect product to add to clean wet hair. It can be used to reduce frizz and encourage your own natural curl as well as a heat protector when blow drying and flat ironing your hair. 
    Frizz free can also be used as a daily hair nourisher in the morning to revive tired hair.

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  • Design Essentials Natural Defining Creme Gel 16oz/454g

    • Lightweight Gel
    • Defines and separates curls
    • Botanicals provide excellent moisture and control frizz
    • Strengthens hair with a radiant shine
    • Provides a medium to firm hold
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  • Design Essentials Honey Curl Forming Custard 8oz/227g


    DE Natural Honey CurlForming Custard with Honey and Chamomile defines, shapes and elongates curls and coils providing lasting hold, without residue for highly defined, frizz-free curls with brilliant shine. Defines Curls Stretches Curls & Coils Adds Shine Reduces Frizz Medium to Firm Hold Ideal for 2-4 Curly & Coily Texture Types

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  • Kinky Curly Original Curling Custard Natural Styling Gel 8oz


    This high performance product is very concentrated so a little goes a long way. 16 oz jar yields many applications and depending on length and thickness of hair should last a few months.It reduces bulk, defines & elongates your curls helping them to 'hang' better. CURLING CUSTARD will bring out the natural curl or wave pattern you never knew you had!It is an advanced botanical formula made with ALL NATURAL ingredients that nourish and strengthen the hair. Utilizing the humectant properties of the Agave Nectar, CURLING CUSTARD will give weight to your hair, define your curls, remove frizz, provide long lasting hold and shine without ever being greasy, crunchy or drying to your hair.

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