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  • SC PRO Brushless Saber Metal Clipper


    Lightweight Digital Brushless Motor runs at 7,500 strokes per minute for efficiency and performance

    Double Black Diamond DLC Carbon Blades combination stays cooler, rust-free and sharper longer

    Lithium Ion battery delivers 6 hours of cordless run-time with a 2-hour rapid charge.

    Fully adjustable zero gap blade for the closest cut and finish

    Tight or Stretch Taper bracket kits for long or short taper modifications.

    Heavy duty full metal body that feels substantial in your hand

    Customisable floating or click taper lever for maximum fade and blending positions

    8 Magnetic guards included for maximum performance

    Low noise and vibration for comfort and stability

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  • GAMMA + Protege Skeleton Trimmer


    Gamma Protege Trimmer:

    • The knife block is easily adjustable and set to full "zero"
    • The upper part of the body is removable for a skeleton design, which allows you to have a better view when cutting.
    • 4 hours of continuous battery life and universal micro USB charging
    • The lithium-ion battery provides 240 minutes of operation with a 2-hour quick charge
    • The set includes a charging cord, 3 protective nozzles and a cleaning kit
    • Supercharged rotary motor cuts any type of hair with one push
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  • GAMMA + Forged Absolute Zero


    Absolute closeness with USB convenience. Gamma Piu's Absolute Zero takes shavers to the next level thanks to a super-rapid recharge time with the convenience of a USB charging cable.

    At the business end, there is a staggered head featuring 2 stainless steel blades covered by ultra-thin and hypoallergenic gold titanium foils. The result is a super-close, uniform shave with no skin irritation. On the back of the shaver there's a retractable trimmer that's perfect for trimming sharp edges. Meanwhile, the front of the Absolute Zero is dominated by the large, easy-flick on/off switch.

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  • GAMMA + Absolute Alpha Clipper


    Gamma+ Absolute Alpha Clipper 2.0 Updated Edition is a professional modular clipper with rotary motor and 45mm Taper Black Diamond Carbon DLC blade for perfectly smooth cutting.


    • Cutting blade SHALLOW STEEL INOX Black Diamond Carbon
    • 3 customizable levers: 2 Click System levers and 1 Floating System lever
    • 150 minutes for a complete recharge by using its docking station or Mini USB cable
    • 2 brackets: a 2-hole Stretch bracket and a 4-hole Deep bracket to use your master blade on other brand clippers
    • Interchangeable Gold Titanium “deep teeth” blade
    • Set of 5 different magnetic combs: 1,5 to 13mm
    • Includes Gold, Rose Gold, and Chrome body kits to create different custom modifications
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  • Andis Slimline Pro Li Replacement Edge Blade - 32105

    • Cutting performance on d-7 and d-8 model trimmers
    • Carbon steel for long edge life
    • Sharpness for expertly close cutting every time
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  • Andis Replacement Foil - 17160

    • Andis Replacement Foil
    • Compatible with Andis ProFoil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver and Andis ProFoil Lithium Plus Titanium Foil Shaver
    • Foils should be replaced at least once a year
    • Ideal for removing stubble and finishing fades
    • Staggered head shaver blades for a closer shave
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Bump-free
    • Ideal for beginners and experienced shavers
    • Replacement foil only
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  • Andis Replacement Cutters And Foil - 17155


    Replacement foil and Cutter Bar for the Andis Profoil Lithium Shaver.

    Gold titanium hypoallergenic foil for irritation-free shaving.

    Shave bump-free glides over all types of skin with no irritation.

    Easy to replace.

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  • Red By Kiss Universal Hair Dryer Nozzle UPIK01

    • Perfect Fit Dual Grip.
    • Triple Extra Strength.
    • For All Kinds of Hair Dryers / For More Tension.
    • Universal Spring / Rubber Attachment System / Essential Tool for Hair Shaping and Styling.
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  • Red By Kiss Universal Detangler Styling Pik


    The universal detangling pik is the perfect accessory for your blow dryer. With the dual grip design, this unit fits almost any hair dryer. Easily detangle and style your hair simultaneously.

    • Designed with heavy-duty nylon for long lasting use.
    • Concentrates air flow to detangle and straighten your hair in one step.
    • The double layered pik grabs all types of hair for salon quality results.
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  • Wahl Blade Ice 400ml


    Wahl Blade Ice is a highly effective and a must for busy barbers, a 4 in 1 spray that provides immediate cooling, lubrication, oiling and cleaning of your blades as well as protecting your blades against corrosion.

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    The Wahl Finale Shaver is the ultimate finishing tool designed for finishing, blending, bald fades, neck lines and eliminating stray hairs, providing a bump free shave.

    Easy to replace for easy cleaning and for a quick change for consistent close cutting and shaving, this kit contains 1 x replacement finale shaver foil & 1 x cutter bar.

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    • Pack of 3—sizes #½ (1.5 mm), #1 (3 mm) and #1½ (4.5 mm);
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  • Annie Ear Protectors - 5458


    Protects from hair dryers, irons, and chemicals. One size fits all.

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  • Red By Kiss Universal Hair Dryer Nozzle - UPIK01


    RED By KISS Universal Hair Dryer Nozzle

    • For All kinds of Hair Dryer .
    • Long.
    • spring/Rubber attachment system/Essential tool for hair shaping and styling.  
    • Triple Extra Strength .
    • Universal Hair Dryer Nozzle .
    • Perfect Fit Dual Grip.
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  • Bump Patrol Clipper & Tool Bum Guard 100ml/3.38oz


    Clean and Sanitise Clippers
    Clean and Sanitise Surfaces
    99.9% Germ Protection
    70% Alcohol

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  • Bump Patrol Clipper & Tool Bum Guard 400ml/13.53oz


    Clean and Sanitise Clippers
    Clean and Sanitise Surfaces
    99.9% Germ Protection
    70% Alcohol

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  • WAHL 2-Hole Taper Blades 1006-400


    Wahl 2 Hole Taper Blades 1006 400. Fits 8100 solid small, 8865 rmc, 8255 pro basic and all wahl full size professional clippers. Blades are factory sealed to protect their micro lapped cutting suftaces.

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