Edge Booster : The  Strong Hold Water-Based Pomade by Style Factor,  Water soluble and non-greasy


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  • EDGE BOOSTER HIDEOUT Hair Color Wax 1.7oz/50ml

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    Go bold with rich, pigmented color and glistening shine. HIDEOUT Hair Color Wax makes it easy to mix up your style without a long-term commitment. Apply the silky wax to dry hair for instant, vibrant color that holds all day. After adding a fresh new hue and glossy shine, it’s easy to style! The colored wax gives hair texture and supports styling shapes with light hold. When you’re ready to reset your look, simply wash out the water-soluble formula with shampoo. The color rinses out completely for a fresh, clean look with no lingering residue. HIDEOUT is available in a wide variety of colors for every event or occasion and you can shop for matching color combinations or single hues.

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  • EDGE BOOSTER Strong Hold Water-based Pomade 3.38oz/100ml

    £5.83 -20% £4.66

    EDGE BOOSTER Strong Hold Water-based Pomade is made with natural argan oil which absorbs quickly with no oily residue. It nourishes and hydrates while providing a strong and pliable hold. The unique fresh and clean scent will invigorate your senses and freshen up your hair even in between washes. With our water soluble and non-greasy formula, you can be confident that it will wash out easily and style with versatility, and does not clog pores or cause breakouts. So whether you want to texturize with a natural finish, hold style without build up, define curls, control frizz, or tame edges, EDGE BOOSTER will be your favorite styling solution.

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  • EDGE BOOSTER Hair Pomade WAX Stick 2.36oz/70g

    £11.66 -20% £9.33

    Hold your style in place with a single swipe. Brush the pomade stick directly onto your short hair. The texturizing pomade can be applied to dry and damp hair for instant texture and all-day hold. The natural beeswax formula is soft, pliable, and easy to adjust, so you can reshape and perfect your style. Edge booster hair pomade stick delivers strong hold with a shine for a natural look.

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    Nyxon Edge Control hold without flaking. It licks and holds down edges while adding shine and moisture. This non–sticky, non-greasy formula provides excellent hold without hardening the hair and is ideal for maintaining slick styles and controlling the hair edges.

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  • Lock BOOSTER Twist and Grip 300ml/10.1oz


    Achieve flawless twists, locks, and braids that stay in place with maximum shine and no frizz. Rub a small amount of the Lock BOOSTER Twist and Grip Styling Solution onto your hands and work it through your hair before styling to achieve a look that lasts. Whether you’re twisting chunky curls, braiding straight hair, or locking natural hair, this flake-free formula is your go-to styling partner.

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  • EDGEBOOSTER Strong Hold Styling Gel 500ml/16.9oz


    Styling natural hair can be tricky, so it helps to have an edge. The EDGE BOOSTER Strong Hold Styling Gel can be applied to dry or damp hair, so you can use it every day for virtually every look. Simply rub a small amount of the styling gel between your hands and spread it evenly through your hair, targeting the spots where you need the most hold. This alcohol-free formula is available in a variety of scents. No matter what fragrance you choose, the look is the same – high shine with a strong hold. Natural Camelia Sinensis seed oil delivers textured shine that lasts all day and helps nourish healthy hair in the process.

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