Eyelash Glue & Adhesives

  • Dimples Washable Eyelash Glue


    Dimples eyelash adhesive is specially formulated for use with all eyelashes.

  • Response Natural+ Adhesive...


    Response dark adhesive for individual lashes dries quickly and offers waterproof durable holding power.

  • Response Brush On Eyelash...


    Response clear brush on eyelash adhesive dries quickly and offers waterproof, durable holding power.

  • Duo Individual Lash Adhesive


    DUO Individual Lash Adhesive in Clear Tone is a high quality individual eyelash glue by DUO. This glue is perfect for use when applying lash clusters and individual lashes. It offers a firm hold and the dropper bottle means that the application process is easy and mess-free. Perfect for professional and personal use, this incredible adhesive provides a long lasting hold and dries clear, ensuring your falsies blend seamlessly with your own lashes.