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  • A3 Lemon Gel


    A3 Executive White Lemon Gel specially designed for dark skin to give a for ever bright perfect glow by contrasting the formation and/or the re appearance of skin blemishes.

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  • A3 Lemon Fresh Cascade Exfoliating Shower Gel


    Smooth your skin to radiance.2 in 1 product both cleanses and polishes the skin.While surfactants remove dirt and impurities, wax micro granules scrub away dead cells to leave your skin looking refined and more radiant. Indeed ready to get the best benefits from subsequent body care treatment. To complement your mood, a clean fresh scent you will love.Excellent for daily use for oily and normal skin types.

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  • Tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer 12oz/340g

    • MAXIMUM HYDRATION FOR NATURAL HAIR: Get the beautiful hair you desire with our Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer.  Uses Shea butter to lock in moisture from the root to the tip of every strand of hair.
    • PROMOTES HAIR GROWTH: This everyday moisturizer has Vitamin E oil to encourage hair growth while preventing hair loss. It does this by enabling better blood flow to the scalp.
    • IMPROVES SHINE AND SOFTNESS: Due to the Vitamin E oil and Cocoa butter being used directly on the hair it begins to condition the hair making it more lustrous and stronger than ever.
    • REDUCES FRIZZ AND FLY AWAYS: Our butter cream reduces frizz by smoothing the hair's cuticle, adding natural shine and softness without leaving the hair greasy or heavy.
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